Fire Safety Awareness of Lithium Ion Batteries (1 Day)

Lithium-Ion Battery Fires Awareness Day

This course has been developed to generate awareness of the risks and to develop action plans and safety measures regarding lithium batteries in commercial premises.

It is aimed at first responders to EV Fires but also including any of those listed below.

  • Employees
  • Fire Consultants
  • Safety Managers
  • Operational F&RS Crews
  • Police Staff
  • Ambulance Staff

This course covers the subject of Lithium Batteries and the different types in use and how they work.

Learn about thermal runaway, it’s causes, and impact, vapour clouds and vapour cloud explosions (VCE). Battery chemistry and toxicity issues related to that chemistry

The course outlines possible strategies and tactics that first responders can adopt when attending EV incidents

Covers the types of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) & Domestic Battery Storage System (DBESS)

  • Behaviours – Understanding the risks.
  • Knowledge – knowledge and understanding or the causes of battery fires and the impact it can have.
  • Skills – What Actions to take when seeing the signs of thermal runaway and take appropriate safety procedures.
  • Establishment of work habits – Assessing the risk.
CPD Hours : 5

Members £150+VAT

Non-Members £250+VAT