Press release

20 October 2015

Geofire’s Salamander radio controlled free-swing fire door closer and fire door holder are battery operated and connect wirelessly to a mains-powered controller unit, which is easily wired into existing fire alarm systems, ensuring that fire doors will safely close in the event of a fault or fire. One controller unit can manage up to 99 fire door closers or fire door holders.

The Salamander range suits large buildings such as theatres and stadiums, where acoustic units would not be suitable due to background noise, heritage buildings and buildings with asbestos where it is vital not to disturb the fabric of the building, whilst ensuring the safety of occupants in the event of a fire.

Salamander devices have all the benefits of hard-wired electromagnetic door retainers and closers, but as the devices are wire-free, they are quick and easy to install, saving time, installation costs and disruption to a building’s fabric or its occupants. The products are suitable for Category A installations, the safest installation defined by BS7273-4; they suit all areas of a building including main fire escape routes.  They are also approved to EN1155 and CE marked.
Legally holding open fire doors opens up access throughout a building in line with the disability provisions of the Equality Act 2010, helps prevent wear and tear of expensive fire doors and improves a building’s ventilation. Unlike acoustically-triggered devices, which are not suitable for areas with high background noise, Geofire’s Salamander products are only activated by the fire alarm.