Press release

28 July 2015

Bob Hayward, Managing Director of Be More Effective, said, “The fire safety equipment industry has changed and developed significantly in the last decade, with new technology and improved performance. There is now a challenge to understand the customer’s perspective, their current requirements and aspirations for equipment.  

From extinguishers and alarms to sprinklers and fire blankets, there are many opportunities to advance fire safety equipment. We have developed a short survey to gain customer insight with the aim of using this knowledge to influence the future development of fire safety equipment and the service levels at each point in the supply chain.”

Customers across the supply chain can help, including property developers, owners or managers, fitters, service and maintenance staff, large and small contractors, resellers, designers, fire safety officers and those with an interest in fire safety developments. This national survey aims to understand the personal and professional views of customers to inform and guide how fire safety equipment advances in the years to come. 

Bob continued, “The fire safety equipment marketplace is constantly evolving and we want to understand customer’s needs and desires. What are they looking for? How do people, throughout the supply chain, view current fire safety trends? What problems do they face and what is most important to them in their use of all types of fire safety equipment?

The survey can be found at

Bob concluded, “There are many ways in which fire safety equipment could change and develop and we believe that the direction is best determined by customers.”