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23 January 2018

Taktis Fire, Kentec’s highly acclaimed fire alarm control panel, is proving to be a real success at two of Cumbria’s leading care homes, central to fire safety systems designed to protect vulnerable residents, members of staff and visitors.

The unique risks posed by safety critical locations like care homes demand fire safety systems of the highest pedigree, performance and reliability, which is why leading specialists JJ Group (Contracting) Ltd. opted for an open protocol system built around the sophisticated features of the new Taktis Technology Platform.

The existing fire safety system at Elmhurst Care Home, Ulverston has been upgraded with a Taktis 2 loop fire control panel while at Brampton’s Moot Lodge, a care home for older people operated by Cumbria Care, the existing conventional fire safety system has been replaced with a new addressable system, comprising a Taktis 2 loop fire control panel with Apollo addressable loop powered devices.

Talking about both installations, Karl Danz of Carlisle based electrical contractors JJ Group (Contracting) Ltd. says that Kentec’s Taktis is the ideal replacement panel for updating care home fire systems such as these. ‘It not only has a huge internal battery capacity but its multi-protocol facility allows both Apollo and Hochiki addressable devices to work on one fire control panel.’

Kentec’s Taktis fire detection and alarm system combines the very latest in hardware and software to produce a control and indication system that is both powerful and sophisticated, yet simple to understand. Available in 2-8 loop or 2-16 loop versions and certified to EN54-2 and EN54-4, Taktis is ideal for installation in larger buildings. Its capacity to be networked up to 128 panels and repeaters gives reassurance to all building owners/operators that they’re in safe hands.

Not only does Kentec’s Taktis provide solutions to the most technically challenging applications in life safety it delivers added value through ease of use, displaying clear information to ensure that when an event occurs appropriate action is taken swiftly.
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