Advertisement Feature

24 April 2017

A leading Barchester Healthcare home has selected C-TEC’s innovative Quantec addressable call system.

Located in the heart of Chichester, Marriott House and Lodge is set in a village-style community designed to promote independence within a safe and caring environment.

Amida Fire, the Hertfordshire-based life-safety specialists, specified Quantec to replace the existing conventional call system at the 55-bedroomed facility. As the old system could not be disconnected until Quantec was fully operational, the company’s engineers removed a zone at a time then upgraded the devices in that area to ensure that no bedroom was without emergency call facilities for more than two hours.

Said Daniel Wilson of Amida Fire: “Ensuring that the bedrooms were operational at all times was important to our client and, therefore, very important to us. It was vital that we ensured a seamless and speedy transition so numerous meetings took place prior to installation to ensure the project ran smoothly.”

“At the end of the first day, most of the old system had been removed and only the ground floor was left to update the following day. The maintenance team on site were very impressed with Quantec, our approach and the swift and cost-effective completion of the project. The new system is also popular with the nursing staff.”

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