The first-ever FIA Fire Safety Summit in Dublin on June 20th, 2024, united industry leaders from the UK and Ireland. The event featured exhibitions and conferences, showcasing the latest industry advancements and provided networking opportunities. Keynote sessions, panel discussions provided attendees with rich insights and professional development opportunities.

28 June 2024

The first Fire Industry Association (FIA) Fire Safety Summit on 20th June 2024, in the Republic of Ireland was a resounding success. It brought together some of the UK and Ireland’s top manufacturers to showcase the latest advancements across various industry sectors as well as bringing together the UK and Irish industries with over 145 delegates.

The event combined an exhibition and conference providing a platform for industry leaders from the Irish market to network and connect.  Attendees were able to gain invaluable knowledge and insights from key figures in the industry and explore the diverse array of products on display.


The conference featured keynote sessions from FIA Board Director, Michelle Agius who opened the day and gave an overview of the FIA. Commercial Manager, Chris Tilley delivered a presentation on competency and compliance frameworks, and Technical Manager, Will Lloyd updated the audience on the work of the FIA’s Lithium Ion Battery Working Group. The conference also included a range of engaging panel discussions enabling representatives from both Ireland and the UK to discuss a range of topics important to the Irish market.  All conference sessions were CPD certified, adding significant value to the attendees' professional development.

“A heartfelt thank you to the Fire Industry Association for organising the first summit at The Convention Centre, Dublin.

The event was a resounding success, marked by a significant turnout.

The feedback received from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive, and I hope this event becomes a yearly occurrence. A recurring theme throughout the day was the need for a regulatory body to oversee the competency of companies and individuals within the Irish detection and alarm industry.

Here's hoping this is the first step towards formulating a plan with all interested parties.”

Ray Dooley, Managing Director, Ideal Fire Ltd

“It was an honour to be part of the FIA’s first ever event in the Republic of Ireland. Representing both the FIA as a Board Director and my own company Eurotech Fire Systems Limited, it was exciting to see such a great turnout and genuine interest in how the FIA could benefit the Irish fire industry. Having a mix of influential figures from both the UK and Irish market sitting on panels together and discussing their opinions and insights made for a fantastic day of knowledge sharing and opened the doors to more collaboration and a stronger relationship between the two markets.”

Michelle Agius, Managing Director, Eurotech Fire Systems Limited & FIA Board Director

"It was fantastic to see an industry-specific gathering of the fire safety sector, where debate on current fire safety topics was facilitated positively. It was quite obvious that there was an appetite as shown by the engagement of all parties during the CPD’s dealing with topics at the forefront of people’s minds. My hope is that this will become an annual event, allowing networking among suppliers, integrators, specifiers, and users to enhance their knowledge and understanding."

Brendan Stamp, Managing Director, Guardian Fire & Safety

It was fantastic to see so many people turn out for our first event in the Republic of Ireland. This event will serve as a stepping stone for the FIA and its member companies as we venture to strengthen our relationship with the Irish market.

The FIA would like to thank all who attended, especially all our exhibitors, speakers and sponsors whose participation made it an extremely successful event.

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