Press release

03 November 2015

C-TEC’s unique BF366 keyswitch isolatable relay is at the heart of the life-safety systems at an imposing new care facility in Oslo, Norway.

Located on a hill in the picturesque Høybråten area, Stovner Forest Nursing Home provides a safe haven for over 100 elderly people. With dedicated healing gardens, a day centre and chapel, the home also hosts major cultural events, seasonal parties, hiking tours and a Christmas fair for residents.

Central to the building’s sophisticated life-safety systems is C-TEC’s 24V 5A keyswitch isolatable relay which allows communication between the fire system and the sprinkler system to be temporarily disabled during routine test and maintenance to prevent it from accidentally activating. Crucially, the relay also provides a clear indication of when the sprinklers are ‘isolated’ to satisfy specification requirements.

Said Trond Rossing of Schneider Electric, the company responsible for installing the system: “As almost all new buildings in Norway must be equipped with an integrated fire alarm and sprinkler system to alert the fire brigade, C-TEC’s BF366 represents a vital means of integrating the systems and allowing communication to be disabled during testing periods to reduce the impact of false alarms."

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