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18 July 2016

Cerberus FIT FC360 single loop panel has been used for the first time by Siemens Fire partners, Jackson Fire & Security.

The Cerberus FIT fire protection range has been designed to offer reliable and cost-effective fire protection for small- to medium-sized applications. The flexibility of the panels in this range, in particular, allows the system to be opitimised for each application. What's more, FC360 is the world's first panel to include a web-based server which enables the panel to be commissioned without any special software.

The new FC360 is an innovation that has not yet been released to the market, so Jackson Fire & Security is the first team to try out the newFC360 configuration software. The field trial is taking place at the company's offices in Mold and consists of 75 existing Cerberus Pro field devices.

At the heart of the Cerberus FIT system is an addressable single loop fire control panel that can connect up to 126 C-Net detectors and peripheral devices. Derrick Hall, head of Siemens Fire division, comments: "The FC360 series has a simple and intuitive user interface with icons to make operation easy. This also helps to keep the training effort low."

Jackson Fire Managing Director, Steve Jackson says: "Our fire engineer reported that this was the easiest and most intuitive panel he has ever worked on, which also offers powerful options should they be required for a particular installation."

The Cerberus fire detection system is one of the most advanced in the world, offering Siemens' unique ASA detection technology. This provides unbeatable accuracy in early identification of fires, reducing unnecessary, dangerous and expensive false alarms.

Ian Ellis adds: "We are striving to ensure that our Cerberus system is highly scalable so that it can be used on any project, large or small simply or complex. Cerberus FIT is a truly open system - once it is installed and commissioned you can choose any service provider for maintenance. The new Cerberus FIT C360 is a prime example of our open approach, and we look forward to introducing it to the market later this year."

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