Proposals to be discussed this week

11 February 2019

Nottinghamshire Police and Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service are in discussions to merge into the same headquarters.

Members of the Fire and Rescue Authority will make the decision at its meeting this week.

The chair of the fire authority, councillor Brain Grocock, said, “We have an absolute commitment to drive the collaboration agenda forward between the two services to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

“If approved, these new headquarters will act as a catalyst for a more effective exchange of information, which will ultimately benefit the communities that both organisations serve.”

If the plans go ahead, the current buildings are set to be modified and refurbished with completion expected in late 2021.

John Buckley, chief fire officer, said, “We already have a successful history of working with Nottinghamshire Police, operationally and organisationally.

“There are three shared locations around the county and plans for more are in the pipeline. A joint headquarters will build on these existing relationships, supporting the principles of effective blue light collaboration.”

The estate of the three main emergency services (police, fire & rescue and ambulance) has been reviewed across the county to identify sites suitable for similar joint projects.

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