850-year-old building

16 April 2019

The medieval cathedral in Paris, Notre-Dame, was overtaken by a major fire at 16:30(GMT) yesterday (15 April), which has caused the spire and roof to collapse.

Two bell towers and the main structure have been saved, according to officials, but all the stained-glass windows and wooden interior have been destroyed.

Deputy Paris Mayor Emmanuel Gregoire said the building had suffered ‘colossal damages’, and teams were working to save the cathedral's remaining artwork.

The fire has now officially been put out, but it is not yet known if the artwork stored inside was salvaged. It is known that, due to the renovation work, 16 copper statues were removed from the building last week.

President Emmanuel Macron called it a ‘terrible tragedy’ and vowed to launch an international fundraising scheme to rebuild the cathedral.

The cause of the fire is not yet clear, but officials have claimed it could be linked to renovation works on the stone structure, causing many to doubt if the structure will survive in the long-term.

Over 500 firefighters worked to prevent the bell towers collapsing, which was achieved after four hours.

One firefighter has been seriously injured in the fire.

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