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30 October 2017

Traditionally the specialist equipment used for testing and maintaining fire systems has been transported from site-to-site in the back of an engineer's van and carried around site in a large over-the-shoulder bag.

In recent years, changes to the way fire engineers are required to work and to the types of site they look after has meant that this method of transportation and storage is no longer always practical.

We hear now of more engineers permanently based at a specific site and more of 'mobile engineers' - working on large sites and in built-up areas where the use of vans isn't an option. Add to this, the need to carry additional equipment such as laptops and project folders and the need for clever storage and transportation is even more relevant.

In response to this, a new range of Urban Kits has just been launched - built around a compact, stylish rucksack - the kits include the essential equipment needed to test fire detectors with space for additional tools and accessories - including laptops, consumables and hand tools.

Shorter poles as well...

In the past we've been asked if the Solo access poles are available in shorter lengths. Used to their maximum capability the current poles allow access up to 9 metres - but most detectors are more accessible than this meaning a shorter, easier to carry pole could be used.

The introduction of Urban Kits presented the perfect opportunity to re-visit this idea. As a result the new kits feature Solo poles which are 50% shorter in length - supporting the idea of comfortable, hassle free movement around site and whilst travelling.

Three Urban Kits are available now built around products from the Solo and Testifire product ranges.

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