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26 September 2017

Kentec’s new Taktis fire detection and alarm system combines the very latest in hardware and software to produce a control and indication system that is both powerful and sophisticated, yet simple to understand.

Available in 2-8 loop or 2-16 loop versions and certified to EN54-2 and EN54-4, Taktis is ideal for installation in larger buildings. Its capacity to be networked up to 128 panels and repeaters gives reassurance to all building owners/operators that they’re in safe hands.

Taktis has been designed with the end-user in mind. Its integrated touchscreen interface and QWERTY keyboard make it simple to use and understand. Access to the Taktis menu and control functions is through a unique six-digit code or enable control key switch, allowing up to 64 user accounts to be configured with different profiles and access permissions.

Multiple protocol support on one panel (in banks of 2 loops) gives full flexibility. Its cause and effect capacity allows 5000 cause and effect entries with up to 40000 inputs/output across the network. Taktis will deliver added value, displaying clear information so that when an event occurs appropriate action can be taken, which is why Taktis supports a 10,000 entry log with filtering that records system activity down to event type, dates, zone, panel and address.

Training for the Taktis Fire panel

Taktis Fire is a very sophisticated and advanced fire panel, which is why Kentec is encouraging customers to undergo a short mandatory training session. This training is very user-friendly and available online, to ensure any down time is kept to a minimum. Kentec will also be providing contact days for those who would prefer to conclude their online training syllabus with a hands-on training experience.

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