The release of the draft for public comment on BS 4422, for fire safety in the built environment. With a focus on fire safety engineering and fire testing, the draft is open for comments until 5th March.

12 January 2024

The Fire Industry Association (FIA) is pleased to announce the release of the draft for public comment on BS 4422. This British Standard plays a vital role in establishing terms related to fire safety within the built environment.

In alignment with the comprehensive coverage of fire safety engineering and fire testing terms outlined in BS EN ISO 13943, BS 4422 aims to further refine and specify key definitions crucial to the industry. This draft is now open for public comment, providing an excellent opportunity for professionals to contribute their insights and shape the final standard.

To participate in the public comment process, interested individuals can visit the BSI Standards Development Portal. The portal will be accessible for comments until the 5th of March.

View the SOURCE here.

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