13 October 2015

The new BAFE website is now live; featuring a cleaner, easier to navigate look enabling fire protection companies and end users alike to find the information they require with ease.
At BAFE we endeavour for all of our registered companies to be easily found by end users looking for Third Party Certified competent Fire Protection.

Information on the website has been reviewed and has been broken down to be clearer for people new to BAFE but also to Fire Protection companies looking to register to one or more of our schemes. Our Frequently Asked Questions section has also been comprehensibly assessed by the BAFE team which we hope you will find useful.

This new site keeps our popular search feature to easily find BAFE registered fire protection companies near you and also introduces the BAFE registered company directory. This allows the end user to search for companies by scheme, company name, postcode or alphabetically. It also provides a single directory profile page for every BAFE registered company that they can link their site to. This will provide a quick option for companies to use to verify their registration with BAFE schemes.

The new website is a positive step in helping BAFE continue to promote quality in fire safety. We feel with this redesign we will hold a longer engagement with potential end users, who will understand that using Third Party Certified companies is a clear decision for their fire safety needs to uphold duties with Fire Safety Legislation across the UK.