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17 November 2015

Today Xtralis released an upgrade to its XOa security operating system which enables ADPRO iFT NVR+ systems to double the number of video and analytics channels deployed without any hardware upgrade or added cost. Called the XOa Performance+ Pack, the upgrade delivers a 50% reduction in the cost per channel for the world’s best-value for pro-active and intelligent intrusion, loitering, and perimeter security. With a simple & free download from the Xtralis Xchange, existing ADPRO iFT customers can double the number of HD IP cameras and video content analytics they can deploy. As with all Xtralis security and safety solutions, the ADPRO iFT is designed for rapid scalability, in-field programming, and upgradability.        

The ADPRO XOa Perfomance+ Pack is available immediately from Existing iFT customers can download and enable additional video and analytics channels in minutes, at no cost.

“American Security uses ADPRO solutions to deliver the very best security for the greatest, but toughest, place in the world for security — the New York metropolitan area,” commented Sean O’Neill, CEO of American Security. “Our Video Doorman solution is deployed on the ADPRO iFT, and provides excellent loitering protection in many high-rise residential buildings across the area. Adding additional video and analytics channels at no cost is a real value to us. We can provide better security while lowering our costs per channel and pass that value onto customers,” O’Neill added.

As a recent example of just one of many similar projects using an Xtralis iFT NVR, American Security installed a system of cameras and speakers on the rooftop at a building in Manhattan’s “Murray Hill.”  The system prevents after-hours loitering and late-night activity on the building’s rooftop.  

Using an ADPRO iFT with IntrusionTrace and LoiterTrace analytics alerts American Security’s operators upon detecting an event, depending on the client’s design. Upon receipt of the signal, American Security operators connect live to the site via video and two-way audio, and engage directly with the trespasser to remove them from the roof area.  If needed, the operator will dispatch police to the building.  The application is extremely effective at preventing loitering and trespassing threats and the megapixel clarity of images provide clients with a significantly enhanced interactive monitoring experience.

In addition to a doubling of video channels and analytics, the XOa Performance+ Pack also offers support for 6TB hard disk drives, effectively doubling the capacity of an iFT to record video for forensic purposes. Xtralis also has optimized its IP audio capability to provide best-in-class 2-way audio to a site under protection. With an iFT running LoiterTrace and/or IntrusionTrace analytics and 2-way audio, all threats detected can be confronted immediately, with a near 100% threat avoidance rate.

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Xtralis® is the leading global provider of powerful solutions for the early detection and visual of fire, gas and security threats. Our technologies prevent disasters by giving users time to respond before life, critical infrastructure or business continuity is compromised. We protect high-value and irreplaceable assets belonging to the world’s top governments and businesses. Our brands include VESDA® & VESDA-E™ – the world’s No.1 very early warning aspirating smoke detection (ASD) systems; ICAM™ for flexible ASD; ECO™ – Gas detection & environmental monitoring modules for VESDA & ICAM systems; OSID® – easy to use smoke detection for open areas; ADPRO® & ADPRO E™ – advanced, intelligent access, perimeter & intrusion detection solutions for multi-site & enterprise security; HeiTel™ – digital video remote monitoring; and, ASIM® – intelligent traffic detection. To learn more, please visit us at

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American Security Systems was founded in 1980 and has continued to grow, becoming one of New York’s largest independent security solutions providers. It is the 65th largest alarm / security company in the USA. American Security has over 5,000 Central Station alarm customers, and over 3,000 customers with other types of systems. Our clients range from many of New York’s most prominent corporations, such as AOL Time Warner to noteworthy establishments, like the office of the New York State Attorney General’s Office, to high-profile individuals, including politicians, UN dignitaries and international theater and film stars. To learn more, please visit: