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05 January 2016

Kentec fire alarm control panels are at the heart of a recently completed fire alarm control panel system upgrade at John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford Women’s Centre, which will allow improvements to the Centre’s evacuation procedures, and the future implementation of loop powered base sounders throughout the building.

 Designers and installers Pyrotec Systems Ltd. chose Kentec fire control panels and repeater units to replace the existing old addressable fire alarm control panels because of their excellent reliability and compatibility with all the building’s existing field devices. The 9 Kentec Syncro analogue addressable fire control panels and 6 repeater units will enable the new network to provide a complete building system solution with flexible cause and effect capabilities.

Around 6,500 babies are born each year at the John Radcliffe Women's Centre, which cares for women with difficult pregnancies or babies who need special care. The hospital’s Delivery Suite, which has rooms equipped with rocking chairs, beanbags, mattresses, birthing balls and a birthing pool, is designed to encourage women to remain mobile during labour.

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