Open to public bodies in England and Wales

12 July 2018

Hyde Housing Association has launched a fire safety remediation framework worth £2.4bn for public bodies covering a range of works, goods and services.

Open to the public sector in England and Wales, the framework is divided into 11 lots for work to make buildings fire safe. Each lot is worth circa £200m and will run for four years. Bidders can tender for some or all of the lots.

Sprinkler installations, supply and repair of fire doors, lighting, signs, alarm, detection and suppression systems are included.

Interested companies are asked to register interest by 5 August and shortlisted businesses will be invited to tender on 18 August.

The lots are:

Lot 1
Supply, installation, removal, and repair of fire doors.

Lot 2
Supply, installation, removal, and design of fire safety signage.

Lot 3
Supply, installation, removal, and maintenance of fire alarm, detection and suppression systems. (Lot 3 is split: Lot 3A and Lot 3B to differentiate between fire detection and fire suppression systems.)

Lot 4
Supply, installation, removal, and maintenance of emergency lighting.

Lot 5
Design, supply, installation, removal, and maintenance of sprinkler systems and dry/wet risers. (Lot 5 is split: Lot 5A and Lot 5B to differentiate between Dry Risers and Wet/Charged Risers.)

Lot 6
Provision of fire proofing and stopping works and services.

Lot 7
Provision of cyclical and reactive electrical testing, servicing, and maintenance services.

Lot 8
Remedial works, upgrades, installations, and testing of electrical systems.

Lot 9
Removed from framework.

Lot 10
Design, supply, installation, removal, and inspection of cladding.

Lot 11
Incident management and provision of business continuity planning advisory services to mitigate and plan for potential threats.

Lot 12
Management contractor to manage any of Lots 1 to 11 for clients and/or direct delivery.

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