Press release

10 June 2013

Hochiki Europe, one of the leading manufacturers of innovative life safety solutions has announced its new EN 54-23 compliant visual alarm devices (VADs).

Set to become mandatory at the end of December 2013, the introduction of EN 54-23 has already been delayed due to the fact that very few manufacturers were able to offer compliant products to the market, but Hochiki Europe is pleased to announce that it is on course to meet the new deadline.

Designed to protect the deaf or hard of hearing and those working in areas of high ambient noise, such as factories, the British Standards Institute (BSI) introduced EN 54-23 in June 2010 in order to set stricter guidelines on the installation and performance requirements of VADs. Up until then there was no standard that determined the light output performance criteria and installation requirements for these products – a situation that often resulted in confusion, inconsistency and unnecessary danger. 

Compliant products are only permitted to emit a red or white light and are classified into three distinct categories based on their intended application – ceiling mounted devices, wall mounted devices and an open class category. The specified light output is 0.4 lumens per m2 or 0.4 Lux and manufacturers will have to ensure their VADs are tested and assessed by an EU notified body to determine coverage volume, based on the distance at which the required illumination is met.

‘EN 54-23 marks a seismic shift in the way fire detection products and systems are designed, manufactured, specified and used,’ commented Graham Lowe, sales director at Hochiki Europe. ‘Its impact will be significant and anything that enhances the protection of people should be welcomed.’