May 1971

16 May 2016

In May 1971 we took a vote to change the name to Fire Extinguishing Trades Association (from ‘extinguisher’). This would allow us to accept other types of fire protection companies to membership.

Those were the days: at the same meeting, further to complaints of fluctuating charges for luncheons at the Hyde Park Hotel on Council meeting days, it was confirmed that ‘in future there will be a set charge of £3.92 per person, to include the accommodation, luncheon with 2 glasses of beer and the free use of a private bar for ½ hour before luncheon.’ And free does mean it’s the drinks, not the privacy, that they got free.

But we did get a lot for our money – on 7.7.71 we held a council meeting, an EGM, golfing society, technical sub-committee and metrication sub-committee meetings after one of these lunches.

At another such meeting, after the 4.46pm end of the Council meeting, Technical Committee carried on until 12.40 at night.