Joint HQ for police and fire & rescue

09 October 2018

Nottinghamshire Police and the Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service are planning to share headquarters.

The Fire Authority has approved designs and costings for a new joint HQ on the site of the current police headquarters at Sherwood Lodge.

Last year it was agreed that the three emergency services would identify sites as well as looking at selling off buildings that could be made redundant.

Several colocation agreements have seen two or three services working from one building for "both financial and operational efficiency." 

Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping, welcomed the news, saying that this was highly logical blue-light collaboration.

He added: “This is what partnership working is all about. If these plans go ahead it will bring benefits for the staff, the two organisations and ultimately the taxpayers. This will see both services working together in a modern, efficient, building that is fit for the foreseeable future.”

County councillor Craig Guildford said,  “There will be a host of benefits from this partnership, not only saving money that can be invested back into frontline services but working closer together when tackling issues of community safety. We have already held training at some of the existing fire buildings and we are continuing to look at ways we can work closer more efficiently across Nottinghamshire to better serve the public.”

If the full proposal is approved, it is envisaged that the implementation programme would take between two to five years to complete.

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Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner