February 1971

22 February 2016

As there was no British Standard for low pressure CO2 systems, we had decided in May ’69 to research and write our own code of practice for members to follow, which would also be made available to other people as best practice. We had the draft reviewed by interested parties and in February ’71 - our first such publication - it was ready for design and printing. At a cost of £80 for 500 copies, we provided one free copy to every member company, relevant government department, and other interested parties, offering the rest for sale to the public at 40p a copy. A press release was sent to the trade press with their copy, to publicize its availability.
Following on from this, by 24.3.72 we had drafted a high pressure CO2 systems standard and decided to put it to Eurofeu as a basis for their work, where it later appeared.
6.2.76. In early ’76, BFPSA was in need of administrative expansion and decided to appoint a General Manager to act as something more than a secretary to the Council. Our longest standing associate member resigned – his reasons are not recorded but we did the previous year agree to start paying him to act as such a manager until we could appoint one, then in January ’76 we asked him to stop providing this service. He did not at first apply for the post, until we specifically sent him a copy of the General Manager job application, which he applied for but then withdrew his application.
On 2.6.76 we appointed a General Manager, with a salary less than half the minimum we agreed in February, but with a car which we had definitely agreed at that time not to provide!
5.8.76 the GM resigns [!] which brings up for discussion all the old issues of improving CBFPEM or joining with FETA.