Press release

20 May 2014

FirePro UK Ltd has published a case study explaining how their localised in cabinet fire detection & fixed fire suppression using FirePro condensed aerosol has solved a significantly critical fire risk for Croydon Health Services NHS Trust at the Croydon University Hospital (formerly The Mayday Hospital).

A fire in a hospital equipment sterilisation machine caused in excess of £1M losses and significant disruption to patient care services. Whilst the fire plan proved effective to raise the alarm and summons Fire & Rescue Services, the machine was a write off as a result of the fire and patient care services were significantly reduced. 

FirePro UK has a unique localised control panel that provides one fully monitored zonal fire input signal that can be configured to most types of fire smoke or heat detection. When triggered it will simultaneously release up to 4 modular Firepro condensed aerosol fire suppression units as well as activate auxiliary contacts to signal power shut off, BMS and house fire alarm.

Read the full case study>>