24 August 2018

At the June FIRESA Council meeting at Leicestershire FRS HQ, we had a presentation on the great work of the charitable organisation Fire Aid. We were joined not only by Claire Hoyland of the charity but also by its Chair Jim Fitzpatrick MP who was a London fire fighter for 25 years before entering parliament in 1997 and who retains a strong interest in fire safety.

Fire Aid provides donations of Fire and Rescue equipment and training to over 40 countries worldwide and they achieve an incredible amount through donations of equipment and by enabling volunteers to assist in country. Donations to date include 190 fire appliances, 6 ambulances and more than 1000 sets of breathing apparatus while providing thousands of hours of training for over 4000 fire fighters.

A fundraising dinner is now confirmed, see below:


If you are able to attend and support this terrific charity, please contact Claire Hoyland as noted above at [email protected]