04 December 2015

At the 11th November FIA AGM, the FIA Export Council became an elected Council of 15 representatives and we congratulate those that were successfully appointed to serve under the Chairmanship of Tracy Kirk.

Prior to this, the Export Council comprised 60 member companies that ‘opted in’ to the Council and also including several non-FIA member organisations. While the elected Council offers improved accountability and, where necessary, a more formal decision-making capability, the FIA remains committed to supporting its wider exporting community in the same way as before. As part of this imperative, those member companies of the previous Export Council that are not on the elected Council will be known, along with those that were elected, as ‘FIA Exporters’ and will be promoted as such through the usual channels. Further to this, we can confirm that all ‘FIA Exporters’ will continue to receive the Weekly Updates and other communications, participate fully in our work and, not least, be entitled to attend the quarterly Council meetings.

In short, we look forward to continuing to support all of our ‘FIA Exporters’ in their overseas market endeavours. What’s more, we’d remind those that are exporting or thinking of doing so but are not yet recognised as an ‘FIA Exporter’ that joining us is free for FIA members. Just send an e-mail to the Export Manager Dave Smith for details.