23 September 2014

It’s that time of year again where half of the serving members on the Board and Councils automatically step down having completed two years’ service. Those stepping down are eligible to stand again and of course this is the annual opportunity for those members who wish to become more involved to put themselves forward. Self-nomination papers have been emailed to the nominated representative in each member organisation (let us know if you need copies). It’s a simple process. You can nominate yourself, just tick which committee you wish to stand for and provide 50-100 word summary of why people should vote for you. We expect candidates to complete an online ‘competition law’ training course and the closing date for nominations is 6th October.

The rules are such that there is a guaranteed number of places for small, medium and large companies (by turnover/membership category) and that any one group of companies cannot exceed 20% of the membership on an elected committee.

Once the nominations are in, we will generate a directory and ballot sheet, which will be sent to the nominated representative along with all the other AGM paperwork by 10th October. Votes are then collected and announced at the AGM on 11th November.

Joining one of the many Working Groups that report to the ‘elected’ Councils is also very simple and does not involve elections, just let me know who wants to join which working group at any stage. Some will come back and ask for a brief CV however all Working groups are open to all members.     

The trade association works on the principle that the sum of the parts can achieve more collectively than they could on their own, so if you have not been involved before, why not step forward? We do not bite and you would be most welcome.

Martin Duggan, General Manager, [email protected]