Press release

10 November 2015

Established for over nine years, DoorTECH is one of the UK's leading providers of door safety solutions. They have a wide range of fire door closers to suit customer requirements and budget.

They install a variety of products including wire-free solutions. The products ensure fire doors comply with all relevant fire safety legislation.  Known as experts in door safety, DoorTECH provides their customers guidance on the most suitable option.

A need for better access

DoorTECH has been working with Fireco for over six years, initially installing Dorgard. Dorgard is a hold open fire door retainer. The device holds doors open at any angle and closes on the sound of the alarm.

Fireco then developed Freedor, an overhead door closer that makes opening a heavy fire door effortless. It enables greater ease of access and provides freedom for everyone in the building. It's an ideal solution that reduces being hampered by heavy fire doors. 

Richard Freemantle, Business Manager at DoorTECH saw a need for easier access. Richard said “In care homes and other sites that we visit, we’ve seen people struggle with heavy fire doors.” Richard found Freedor to be an ideal solution to offer customers seeking to improve access. Following on from their success with Dorgard, they started installing Freedor themselves.

Wire-free install brings more jobs

Richard said "We install Freedor on sites in the entrances, corridors and other areas such as kitchens and bedrooms for our clients.” Fitted to the top of a fire door, the unit is wire-free and battery powered. This makes for a hassle-free install, making them a great choice for installers. Richard continued “Unlike hardwired alternatives, being a wire-free unit means we can do our installs quickly and there is less mess, saving us time to do more jobs.”

The outcome

-       Boosted profits through increased demand

-       Installs are quicker, resulting in more jobs and time saved

-       A partner they can trust.

Freedor sales boosted DoorTECH’s business and helped improve their customers’ residents quality of life. Richard said “We’ve seen an increase in demand from our customers as Freedor takes away the weight from doors and gives people freedom of movement. It’s proving a very popular product.”

“Fireco provides a great service. They demonstrated how simple the products are to operate and install, deliveries come through on time and there is always someone to answer any questions quickly. They’re a reliable and supportive business partner."