Comments from shadow housing secretary

23 January 2019

In the Commons this week, shadow housing secretary John Healey has branded the number of blocks still with dangerous cladding a “national shame”.

Mr Healey said that 19-months after the Grenfell disaster, out of the 437 high-rise buildings using the same cladding, 370 were yet to be updated, which he labelled as “shocking”.

Commenting on the speed of the progress the government was making, Mr Healey said that it has, “simply been too slow, too weak, and always under pressure from the House and from Labour.”

Labour’s Emma Dent Coad said she was “very concerned” to see housing minister Kit Malthouse treating cladding removal as “some kind of theoretical exercise.”

Mr Malthouse is due before the MHCLG committee next week, which MPs want to end in a “clear explanation of this massive disparity”.

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