Press release

22 July 2014

Some of Costa’s newest outlets in the UK are being protected by Fike’s TWINFLEXpro intelligent 2-wire fire alarm systems. From full-sized branches to small kiosks, from Minehead to London, Costa is relying on flexible and reliable protection from an innovative fire detection solution manufactured in the UK by Fike Safety Technology (FST).  All the systems have been supplied, tested and commissioned by Commfire Ltd and installed by Zero Electrical Design on behalf of Cordery Build Ltd, the main shopfitting contractor.

“We offered TWINFLEXpro to Zero Electrical Design as an alternative solution for the Costa projects, citing its advanced features and cost saving due to its unique technology and ease of installation” explains, Paul Seager, Managing Director of Commfire. “TWINFLEXpro has now become the first choice for many of Costa’s new builds.”

The TWINFLEXpro system incorporates the Multipoint combined smoke and heat detector with built-in sounder, which allows the whole system to be easily installed using only one pair of wires per zone. As Multipoint offers 7 different modes of detection, the installation is made even simpler since the one device suits all applications. A typical Costa shop has between 12 to 16 devices installed on a 2 or 4 zone control panel. The majority of detectors are set to their default smoke setting, with devices monitoring areas prone to false alarms, such as the main sales counter and back of house preparation, set to heat detection mode. Systems have been installed in London’s Kings Mall, Hammersmith, Chiswick High Road and at St Mary Axe. In addition outlets at Minehead, Shirley in Southampton, Berkhampsted and Lion Retail Park in Woking have used the TWINFLEXpro system.

TWINFLEXpro has the ability to differentiate between call point and detector alarms; can accommodate up to 32 devices per zone; has separate fault monitoring display for each zone; incorporates a man walk test facility and zones can be configured without the need to use resistors or capacitors. A series of programmable inputs and outputs further increases its flexibility and are ideal for interface to shopping centre fire alarm systems.

For further information please contact Fike Safety Technology on Tel: 01633 865 558, Email: [email protected] or visit

Costa Invests in Fike’s Intelligent 2-Wire Fire Detection Technology