The Welsh government made a "serious mistake" not adopting UK laws protecting leaseholders, building safety campaigners have claimed.

The Building Safety Act means developers in England can be made to fund repairs like replacing cladding.

But campaign group the Welsh Cladiators told Members of the Senedd Wales had "no enforcement plan".

The Welsh government said any legislation had to be "appropriate for Wales".

Following the 2017 Grenfell Tower tragedy in London, a number of apartments blocks in Wales were found to have fire safety defects.

Work fixing these defects on many of these blocks is yet to be carried out amid rows over who should pay.

In the meantime, many homeowners have been left unable to sell their flats, and paying higher insurance and service charge fees.

Giving evidence to the Senedd's housing committee, Mark Thomas from the Welsh Cladiators - a group that campaigns to highlight problems with cladding and other fire safety defects - said he remained "deeply concerned about the slow rate of progress in Wales".

"We're getting tired. How long do we have to endure the 24/7 pressure of this issue before something is actually done to solve what is a relatively minor issue for Wales?"

'Handed a solution' by Westminster

Housing minister Julie James has announced a "pact" with many of the main developers to carry out repair work, and that the Welsh government is funding a programme of surveys to identify problems.

But Mr Thomas said he believes developers will only respond to the "force of law" rather than agreements like the pact.

He called for ministers put sections 116-125 of the Building Safety Act - which protect leaseholders from certain costs - into law.

Mr Thomas said: "The Welsh government was handed a solution by the [UK] government. It enjoyed widespread cross-party support in Westminster and was subjected to deep scrutiny.

"Sadly on 16 November the Welsh Labour government voted against fast tracking those provisions into Welsh law.

"We see that as a serious mistake."

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