01 August 2014

You will know that recently, the FIA through its FIRESA Council, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) with the objective of achieving a yet closer working partnership between our respective organisations. There will be a number of initiatives resulting from this that you will see over coming months and the first of these is the launch of a CFOA Associate Membership Scheme. This has been designed with support and input from FIRESA Council.

The scheme which we have agreed, will initially be exclusive to the FIA membership. CFOA’s objective is to create long term mutual relationships with a select number of organisations that can support its aims, in return for the benefits of closer ties with CFOA. The four levels of membership mean that it is accessible to any budget and there are real benefits of association at any level, not least the use of the CFOA Associate Scheme logo.

If you would like further details, you can get in touch with either Hollie Tell or Richard Patrick at CFOA on 01827 302300.

For an information sheet which summarises the new scheme please download the CFOA Associate Membership flyer