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13 November 2017

C-TEC’s ‘Hush Those False Alarms’ webinar goes live at 11am on 22 November!
With fire protection in flats, apartments and HMOs making the news for all the wrong reasons, this live CPD-certified session is a perfect opportunity to get clued up on the current solutions available for reducing false alarms in HMOs and other areas by using mixed, conventional and hush systems.
It will also explore how C-TEC's BS 5839-6 Hush Button fire alarm solution is assisting landlords and building managers in better protecting their properties whilst ensuring compliance with all the relevant regulations and standards.
Said Andy Green, C-TEC’s Marketing Manager and one of the webinar’s hosts: “This CPD-certified event is an absolute must-see for anyone who would like to know more about reducing false alarms and enhancing fire detection in houses of multiple occupation. We’ll also be hosting a live 20 minute Q&A at the end of the session.”
To register, click on the link below:
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