05 February 2014

C-TEC has launched an up-dated version of its powerful and very cost-effective PDA200E induction loop amplifier.

Fully compliant with BS 7594 and BS EN 60118-4 and ideal for any perimeter loop application of up to 200 square metres, the new-look PDA200E now features two balanced/unbalanced line level inputs and one microphone input with phantom power for electret microphones. Each input also has a separate internal tamper-resistant control that can be manually adjusted.

Said Andy Green, C-TEC’s Marketing Manager: “The new PDA200E is far more advanced than its predecessor as it has a fully automatic compressor-limiter to maintain the loop signal and also a new metal compensation control to improve intelligibility in rooms with high metal content.”

Designed to allow hearing aid users to participate in general conversation and social/work activities, the new amplifier is compatible with C-TEC’s extensive PDA Outreach plate audio input extension system and comes complete with a ‘loop fitted’ sticker.