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03 September 2018 by ,

Since leaving the FIA in 2015 a lot has changed in my life!

On 19 July 2016 which was the hottest day of the year where I live in northeast Hampshire I led a 60+ mile cycle ride in the morning, went home, showered, and then went for what I thought was to be a routine hospital appointment. That’s when everything changed. I was sat down and told carefully that it was pretty certain that I had Primary Liver Cancer. And my local hospital could no longer help me but were passing me on to one of the teaching hospitals in London who would consider me for further treatment including possibly a liver transplant. 

After nine months of tests/assessments and interventions, I received a new liver. I owe thanks to a lot of people in the medical profession, not forgetting the donor’s next of kin who took the very generous decision with regard to organ donation at what must have been a very difficult time in their life.

Now just over a year on from the liver transplant, I am well and enjoying life plus the generous action of the donor family has allowed me to meet my marvellous recently born grandson Charlie!

Graham Ellicot

Now having almost retired, I have some spare time so I have retrained as an NHSBT Organ Transplant Ambassador. Serving in this volunteer role I provide education on organ donation in communities through talks and donation promotion stands. 
So if your company/organisation would like to learn more about organ donation then I can help you; please get in contact via email.

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If you haven’t already joined the NHS Organ Donor Register then I urge you to do so by clicking here and tell your family of your wishes. We have talented surgeons in this country who are trained to save lives through transplant, but there is a shortage of many organs including livers!