It has now been 3 months since the introduction of the new ISO 9001 Standard, ISO 9001:2015

06 January 2016 by ,

In that time I have also personally attended the 3 day Lead Auditor conversion training as an IRCA certificated Lead Auditor for the new Standard.  Members with ISO 9001 certification must remember that they have up to 3 years to move across from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015 from 1 Oct 15.

The training made it clear, that although there are 2 relatively major changes in terms of Risk Management (clauses 4.1 and 4.2) and Leadership, (Clause 5), a lot of other changes are a tidy up and renumbering exercise to give more clarity and a better “flow” to the Standard and its requirements. 

One other change is the removal of the need for a nominated Management Representative within the Standard, as it seeks to spread the responsibility for this via the Leadership clause requirements.

However, I personally believe that you still need that single point of contact and therefore, should keep the Management Representative as a nominated person, if for no other reason, because it gives someone the authority and ability to “control” the Standard’s requirements and act as a focal point to ensure everyone is aware of their individual responsibilities, especially “Top Management” under the revised Clause 5.  As clearly outlined within the report, businesses will not be penalised for keeping their MR.

In my role as Compliance Manager, visiting member companies, it is apparent that a lot of members take into account their business risks and other areas that could impact on their business and their “informal” management of such risks.  What the Standard is seeking to do, in my personal opinion, is get the business or organisation to demonstrate this to their external certification body under the new Standard requirements, this also applies to the Leadership clause too.

Attached is a summary of the Principal Changes, provided by the Chartered Quality Institute within their ISO 9001:2015 Report, along with a summary of the changes businesses do not need to make too.

I am available to talk to about the changes and can offer a consultancy service to help member companies with the transition to the new standard. Please contact me at or 020 3166 5002.

The Summary is reproduced with the kind permission of the CQI (Chartered Quality Institute) and the Lead Authors on the Paper, Colin MacNee and Richard Green.