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11 September 2017

Banham Academy are delighted to announce they are offering the new Fire Pathway of the Level 3 FESS Standard to apprentices. The Fire Pathway access course, which is unique to the Banham Academy, provides apprentices with the most up-to-date skills and training for the installation of fire systems. The course is available to all employers seeking the highest-standard knowledge of fire safety for their apprentices. 

The Academy has been proudly part of the Employer-Led working group developing a new apprenticeship standard, the Fire, Emergency and Security Systems Apprenticeship  

Having been developed by an Employer-Led group, the Level 3 Fire, Emergency and Security Systems Apprenticeship reflects what the industry want in respect of knowledge, skills and behaviours. Apprentices undertaking the 3 years of training will gain experience across all types of systems and will have to complete the challenge of an end-point assessment. This is training that will provide an apprentice with the skills to move a business forward, and also give them a trade and future career.

‘We are thrilled to announce that the academy will be delivering the Fire Pathway of the new Level 3 Fire, Emergency and Security Systems Standard. This is an exceptional training programme that will raise skills within our sector and provide the talent we all need for future growth within the industry.’

Banham Academy trainers are industry specialists that have built up a reputation for high-quality training with excellent results. This is further highlighted by two Banham Academy apprentices having won the IFSEC Engineers of Tomorrow Competition. 

The learning outcomes are designed to enable an apprentice to become a fire, emergency and security systems technician. The apprentice will be able to design, install, commission and maintain electronic systems on completing the course.

The training takes place at Banham’s state of the art academy close to Central London, in which the knowledge is delivered in classrooms and e-learning facilities, with access to electronic systems for apprentices to practice and hone their skills.

For further information on the new Fire Pathway Level 3 standard, please contact Kevin Faulkner, Head of the Banham Academy [email protected]

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