05 March 2014

The Council of BAFE, the independent, third party certification registration body for the UK fire protection industry, held its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 25th February 2014.

The Council were pleased to elect Douglas Barnett, Head of Customer Risk Management, AXA Insurance (UK) plc as their new Chairman, following the retirement of Phil Toase CBE, QFSM, DL. Phil had served as Director and Chairman for 9 years and has overseen the major developments and growth at BAFE, which now has over 1100 registered companies across a range of schemes and in every part of the UK. After the meeting Phil said “I have enjoyed my time at BAFE, it has been great to help shape the future of the organisation and be involved in the general acceptance of BAFE as a safeguarding organisation for the fire industry”.

Douglas has over 25 years’ experience in risk management with an extensive global background. He represents the Association of British Insurers and other commercial groups in consultations with Government bodies and technical groups. He has a number of technical qualifications including the Post Graduate European Diploma in Fire Safety Management and is a member of a number of professional bodies.

In accepting the role of BAFE Chairman, Douglas paid tribute to the growth in both numbers and standing that had been achieved under Phil’s tenure. “I am honoured to take over the role of BAFE Chairman from Phil Toase”, commented Douglas, “I aim to work with the staff team to gain greater credibility for the use of third party certificated companies by end users and specifiers, with the consistent aim of improving fire safety throughout the built environment.” He continued.

The Council also elected 2 new Directors: Nigel Walton, Managing Director of Abbot Fire Group and Chair of the BAFE Marketing group and Steve McGuirk CBE, QFSM, DL, Chief Fire Officer of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.

Stephen Adams, BAFE Chief Executive said, “These changes in the BAFE Board will continue to add value to our organisation and drive the importance of third party certification forward.”