Nomination Julie Hanson Euralarm Secretary

18 November 2015

A bit more than a month after recruiting new Communication Manager, Euralarm are extremely pleased to announce to you a new addition to the Euralarm team with the nomination of Julie Hanson as Secretary.

In this new position, Julie, who will be based in Brussels, will take over some of the secretarial responsibilities from Dirk Gesenhues. Julie will report to Glen Dale, General Director of Euralarm.

Euralarm is an association driven by the voluntary work of people who define its strategy and activities. To support those people in their involvement, the Euralarm team needs to offer the best possible level of services to its members. We are confident that Julie’s skills and experience will help Euralarm in bringing those services up to a new level.

Julie has extensive experience in administrating various associations in Brussels. Prior to this assignment, she spent 10 years working for various Brussels-based consultancies specialising in providing association management services in positions ranging from Association Manager to Director.

Julie helped several European associations in developing their membership, supporting them in their general administration and accounting, while also offering legal advice and public affairs services. The associations she supported include the Electronic Retail Association and the European Power Transmission Distributors Association.

Julie holds a post-masters degree in Euro-Mediterranean Affairs, Development and International Trade from Warocqué School of Business and Economics, Mons, Belgium and a master’s degree in translation in English and Danish, with a minor in Italian and Arabic from the School of International Interpreters, in Mons. Julie speaks French, English, Dutch, Danish and Italian.

Her email address is [email protected]