Press release

23 September 2014

Fire systems leader Advanced has stepped up the fight against unwanted false alarms with its new AlarmCalm complete false alarm management (FAM) solution.

False and unwanted alarms are among the biggest issues in Fire today and, with AlarmCalm, Advanced has taken the high performance, ease-of-use approach it’s famous for to deliver a best-in-class solution.

AlarmCalm comprises comprehensive configuration software for Advanced’s fire systems and new intelligent alarm acknowledgement devices called AlarmCalm Buttons. It delivers a more complete solution to FAM, that will suit almost any building or site strategy and promises to radically reduce false alarms.

AlarmCalm provides total control over alarm verification periods and investigation delays to outputs. It allows a site to be divided into false alarm management zones called Building Areas (up to 200 per panel or 40,000 per network). These are virtual areas that can be independent of fire zones and can share grouped or have individual FAM settings. There is no limit to the number of points in a Building Area and every device in the area can be configured precisely.  

Alarm verification is one of the key areas of FAM and AlarmCalm facilitates this in a number of ways. Verification settings for a site can be applied incredibly quickly by assigning all common areas of a building with group settings, while allowing specific areas to have individual settings. Verification can be set to on or off, with different settings for day/night operation.

Verification can be set quickly according to device type in each Building Area. Heat, smoke, multi-sensors and other inputs (call points or any input modules) can be used as verification inputs and set by device type or individually per point.

Once a signal is detected AlarmCalm starts a programmable ‘stage one’ verification time. At the end of this time if the signal is still present the system will go into full alarm. During this time the signal can be confirmed by mode or sensitivity change, for example an optical heat detector switching to heat to verify the signal, or by coincidence detection.

Verification can occur simultaneously in multiple areas and users can set the maximum number of Building Areas in verification at any one time before a full fire condition is indicated.

There is growing awareness of the role that residents can play in unwanted false alarm reduction, especially in HMOs, student accommodation and apartment buildings. 

Advanced’s new intelligent, loop-powered Alarm Acknowledgement device, the AlarmCalm Button can be used by residents to manually verify an alarm signal is due to an issue in their property that they believe is a false alarm, burnt toast or shower vapour are common culprits.

By pressing the AlarmCalm Button, a resident initiates a ‘second stage’ verification time and (optionally), the local sounder can be silenced. If after the second stage time the signal has cleared, the system will reset to normal conditions, if the signal in the detector is still present, a full fire condition will be signalled. During the second stage period, a fire condition is also indicated if the alarm is confirmed by another method such as sensitivity change or second detector.

AlarmCalm Buttons can only extend verification time once (before a system reset). If the burnt toast becomes a real fire, a full fire condition will be signalled.

Advanced believes AlarmCalm is the easiest installed and configured FAM system available. AlarmCalm Buttons are easily installed on the loop and recognised in the panel software on auto learn. They are compatible with a standard UK single-gang back box, can be flush or surface mounted and include a configurable LED, buzzer and slide in label.

Sounders, beacons and relays in each Building Area can be operated during the verification period and can be quickly set by all devices of each type or individually by point. Sounder ringing styles are also fully configurable and can utilise a different tone during verification and alarm periods.

The same approach in the software is taken with Investigation Delays to Outputs, meaning a full FAM strategy can be easily set up and configured.

John Newton, product manager at Advanced said: “Advanced approaches problems differently and in AlarmCalm users have a very powerful automated false alarm management solution that gives fire professionals and building managers unprecedented control and also allows residents to play a role in verification, a tactic being employed and recommended in many territories.

“AlarmCalm builds in a number of failsafes to ensure misuse cannot delay a full fire condition, from full control of verification times to automatic detection by sensitivity change or an additional device. 

“AlarmCalm promises to radically reduce false and unwanted fire alarms. There’s nothing like it on the market and it is very much in demand,” Newton added.

AlarmCalm is currently available on Advanced’s EN54 2,4&13 approved MxPro 5 and Axis EN fire systems. More information including links to the software can be found at the AlarmCalm microsite

Advanced is a world leader in the development and manufacture of intelligent fire systems. Its legendary performance, quality and ease-of-use sees its products used in prestigious and challenging locations all over the world, from single panel installations to large multi-site networks. Advanced products include complete fire detection systems, multi-protocol fire panels, extinguishing control and fire paging systems.

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