Managing Fire Safety in HRB’s (Higher Risk Buildings) and the Role of the Building Safety Manager - 5 Days

Managing Fire Safety in Higher Risk Buildings

This course is designed for anyone tasked with the fire safety management in Higher Risk Buildings (HRB’s) or as a Building Safety Manager under the Building Safety Bill

Developed in early 2021, the course is a response to the learning needs and competency requirements of the Building Safety Bill (BSB).
Several Social Housing Providers have attended the training to date.
Tall Building Fire Safety Network (the training provider) is a fully approved training centre for Skills for Justice, and the course is recognised by the institution of fire engineers.

Recent delegate feedback Great week discussing High Rise Residential Buildings, and the Building Safety Bill. Very grateful to Russ Timpson for the privilege of his unique, unparalleled knowledge. And for facilitating this course with some excellent, eminent presenters! If you want to upskill your HRRB management knowledge, this is great way to do it!”

The 5 day intensive programme covers all aspects of the Building Safety Bill Fire Safety Management process. Each day is themed starting with prevention, going onto detection and alarm,
means of escape, fire containment and finishing with firefighting and BCP. Building fire case studies, along with the most common ignition hazards are reviewed and analysed.

Particular focus is given to the format and delivery of; safety case, tenant engagement strategies, golden thread and fire safety data management.

Delegates receive a comprehensive set of notes and documents that represent a significant learning resource for future use. The qualification available with the course requires completion of a short test and delegate assignments to complete after the training. Upon successful completion, delegates are issued with a skills for justice certificate.

This course is ideal for anyone tasked with being a building safety manager including; supervisors, security managers, facility managers, health and safety managers, insurance surveyors, fire risk assessors, firefighters, fire and life safety system maintainers and anyone whow needs to understand the building ‘safety case’.

Learning outcomes (what do they get including CPD hrs):


  • Skills for Justice approved qualification
  • Recognised qualification with the Institution of fire engineers
  • 30 hours of CPD

FIA Member £1795+VAT

Non FIA member £1995+VAT