The FIA now offers an FIA ECS card, which lists your qualifications on the back of the card, and holds the FIA, ECS, and CSCS logos as proof of your qualified status whilst on site.

The cards are only available to those that have taken and completed at least one of the fire detection and alarm qualifications: Designer, Installer, Maintainer, or Commissioner.

Card Benefits

  • Holders will immediately be able to show their qualifications on site when asked for their ECS card
  • Convenient – keep proof of qualifications in a wallet or pocket
  • Credibility
  • Individuals with qualifications are easily identified
  • Lists the qualifications completed on the back

How to get an FIA ECS card

When you have completed all required units of the qualification pathway, you are eligible to apply for your FIA ECS card. 

The application is done online and should take four weeks from receipt of payment for your card to be delivered.

Learn more on the ECS card website

How much does the card cost?

The first card is free to those that took the Health & Safety unit with us and hold a qualification.

This card can only be issued free of charge once – after this, a charge of £40 + VAT will apply as a new card will need to be printed.

If you plan on taking more than one Advanced Unit, you may wish to delay ordering your card so that you do not have to pay for a new card that lists your later qualifications.


Should I apply now or wait until further Advanced Units have been completed?

If you wish to have your FIA ECS card immediately but you plan on completing further Advanced Units, you may order your first card free of charge (provided you or the person you are applying for took the FIA Health and Safety Course with us). You can then order a new card (at a small cost of £40 + VAT) with the updated qualifications on the back once you have passed the further Advanced Units.

Alternatively, you may choose to wait until you have completed all the Advanced Units that you plan to do, and then apply for your free FIA ECS card.

I already have my qualification certificate.  Can I apply?

Yes.  So long as you have successfully completed your qualification, you are eligible to apply. 

You will need your ULN number, or the ULN number of the person you are applying for.