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15 January 2018 by Michael Gregg, FIA Training Manager

Want to get qualified in fire detection and alarm systems?

Our new qualifications pathway will help you gain a qualification in fire detection and alarm system design, installation, maintenance, or commissioning.

Our new qualifications are fully backed by the government bodies for qualifications, OFQUAL, QIW, and CCEA, and are equivalent to a Level 3 qualification (the same level as an A-Level), meaning that they meet (and exceed!) the requirements for the new service standard, EN 16763 ‘Services for Fire Safety and Security Systems’, which sets out the minimum level of qualification that those working within fire detection and alarm should ideally have. 

In this video, we will explain the Foundation in FD&A unit, which is the first unit in our new qualifications pathway.  We will help you understand what you will study, how you are assessed, and what other courses you can study following the Foundation in FD&A.

What's on the Foundation in Fire Detection and Alarms unit?


What's on the Foundation in Fire Detection and Alarms unit?

Learn about the first unit on the qualifications pathway


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