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03 June 2019 by Mark Stubbs, FIA Trainer

On a Qualifications training course, a delegate may be convinced that because the syllabus is designed for taking students right through from having no previous training or knowledge of FD&A to a level at which they have a good understanding of the topic and have enough knowledge to pass the assessment exam at its conclusion, that everything is taught by the course trainer.
The reality is that while the course trainer will cover most of the course material and talk about each topic, there is still a proportion of self-study involved in the FIA Qualifications path that delegates need to undertake in order to learn all of the information required for the exams.
Just as schools need to issue homework in order to get through an educational syllabus, so too is homework and self-study required on courses like the FIA Qualifications path. Taking that into consideration, give yourself plenty of time for studying the pre-learning material listed below and enrol onto the course well in advance.

Additionally, if you are new to the industry or you are unsure if your knowledge gained within the fire industry is sufficient to succeed in the FIA Fire Detection and Alarm Qualifications, consider attending the Access to Foundation course offered by us. This course gives a basic introduction to FD&A Systems technology and legislation. It is also ideal if you have to repeat the Foundation Course examination but need some extra revision.


The Pre-Learning Materials

We hear it a lot when we ask for feedback – learners who went through all of the prelearning materials (the videos and PowerPoint presentations) were successful because they said they spent a lot of time studying these.

The FIA continues to respond to the feedback of the course delegates and we are pleased to announce that we have expanded the list of the pre-learning material to also include help with the Advanced Qualification courses.  Please look below at the full list of available pre-learning material.


The Importance of Revision

On a similar theme to prelearning is the requirement for a suitable level of revision before the exam. The majority of delegates that fail the exam do so because they have not completed enough revision to allow them to recall the knowledge when they need it in the written exam.

The primary objective of attending FIA Qualification training is to pass successfully the exam aside, of course, from gaining competence and putting this knowledge into practice when back at work to ensure safety in the implementation of FD&A procedures.

It is essential to engage in effective self-study and thorough revision to secure the sufficiently good score in the exams that is required for the award of the complete FIA AO Qualification.

With the cost of such comprehensive training courses and the exams, it cannot be stressed enough how important it is to embrace and accept the need for revision and self-study and to carry this out to give you the best possible chance of success in achieving the Qualification.

The exams will not simply be a case of using common sense to answer the questions; they will require detailed answers to specific questions which is why revision and exam technique is so important.


Available PreLearning


Fire Safety Law
Fire Science
Third Party Certification
Passive Fire Protection
Fire Detection & Alarms (Part 1)
Fire Detection & Alarms (Part 2)
Fire Detection & Alarms (Part 3)
Fire Detection & Alarms (Part 4)


We offer also  Access to Foundation course


Health & Safety

Preparation & Revision Guide
ECS revision website
Practice test



Fact File 36 Environmental Guidance Legislative Overview

Fact File 29 The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

F-Gas Guidance IS-23 Training and Certification FPS


Advanced Installer

Installer PreLearning (Part 1)

Installer PreLearning (Part 2)

Installer PreLearning (Part 3)

Installer PreLearning (Part 4)

Installer PreLearning (Part 5)


Advanced Designer

Design PreLearning (Part 1) - Categories

Design PreLearning (Part 2) - BS 7974 - BS 9991 - BS 9999

Design PreLearning (Part 3) - EN 54-13 - BS 7273-4

Design PreLearning (Part 4) - Audible Visual Tactile


Advanced Maintainer

Advanced Maintainer PreLearning Video


Advanced Commissioner

Advanced Commissioning (Part 1)
Advanced Commissioning (Part 2)
Advanced Commissioning (Part 3)
Advanced Commissioning (Part 4)
Advanced Commissioning (Part 5)