8 May 2017

Should you be allowed to work in the Fire & Security industry without qualifications ?

The fire and security industry has grown up over the last 50 years with limited or no formal qualifications requirements. Is this correct when life safety and security is at stake? The landscape is changing and very soon your business may not be able to continue in the fire and security sector unless all your staff have skills, knowledge and competency.

The first session of the Symposium will concentrate on the consequence of the removal of trade barriers which simplifies cross-border movement for service providers in Europe. Whether product related or added value services, standard quality levels for service delivery to end users remain consistently important. The introduction of the EN 16763 European Services standard should help this in 2017 it has the purpose of ensuring that all players answer to the same requirements and deliver quality customer experiences.

The second session will investigate the question:

How to make the most out of the already existing fire and security digital market?

In parallel to changing market conditions, developments in telecommunications are opening up opportunities for enhanced service offerings for both fire and security solutions. The digital market is already here providing new possibilities for end users and service providers. Remote system interrogation enables numerous types of services to be available all to address the needs of modern property owners and managers, but there are issues over how do you do this and ensure the security and effectives of the systems.

There will be adequate time for discussions, networking and visiting the mini-exhibition before, during and following the Symposium itself. This not to miss symposium is aimed at fire and security professionals, including installers, system integrators, manufacturers, end users, facility or property managers, certification bodies and other interested groups.

The next Euralarm Symposium will be in London’s, Holiday Inn hotel, Kensington W8 5SP, on May 8th, 2017. The symposium will focus on the future of fire and security services across Europe and will present ways of turning this future into business opportunities.

12.30-14.00    Registration/Exhibits/Networking
14.00-14.15    Opening
14.15-15.30    New European services standard ensures all players answer to the same requirements & quality customer experience
                          •    Overview of the EN 16763
                          •    End users’ perspective
                          •    Installers’ perspective  
                          •    Plans on cross border certification
                          •    Q&A
15.30-16.00   Exhibits & Coffee break
16.00-17.15   The fire and security digital market is already here. How can you make the most out of it?
                         •    Overview of Remote Services in Fire and Security
                         •    End users' perspective
                         •    Monitoring Centre (MARC) & Installers' perspective
                         •    Q&A
17.15-17.30   Summary + Closing Comments


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