04 July 2012 by Becky Reid,

Then think again! With less than a month to go the now daily announcements of where the torch is today and who’s in/out of Team GB are getting everyone into the spirit of the Games.

Sadly, a small regional chain of estate agents recently found their enthusiasm firmly stamped upon by LOCOG. Excited by the prospect of the torch passing some of the company’s branches, the staff at Webber Property Services in Devon went all ‘Blue Peter’ making Olympic window displays from plastic hoops and old ‘For Sale’ signs.

Getting into the swing of it all, you’d think…

That’s not what LOCOG thought and sent them a legal letter demanding the removal of the offending items. If you don’t believe me read it for yourself in the Telegraph.

To my mind that’s not in the spirit of the Games, stamping on people’s support and excitement at such a unique event.

Not content with that, LOCOG really is going for the ‘bad guy’ image, as reported by the Daily Mail. Volunteers from the Woolsack project have been making thousands of cushions after being given the go ahead by LOCOG to give them to the athletes as gifts. But LOCOG has now gone back on its word and taken away the stand space, in fear of upsetting sponsors. Seems a little uncharitable doesn’t it?

I know it might sound like I’m against LOCOG. I’m not. I just think they need to be reminded what it’s all about…we want people to be excited and feel part of it all. Don’t we?

I shall end this rant on a high note… here’s an example of an official sponsor producing some great marketing activity on the back of the Games. Well done BA! #HomeAdvantage

Click the following link to see a BA plane taxi down your street: http://taxi.ba.com/

Now where’s my ‘sticky back plastic’… (well, the torch does come past my home in the next few weeks)