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In recent times, to get myself in the mood, I usually sharpen up the quill, dust down the green eye shade and stand grumpily at the desk in a ‘scrooge like’ manner before I launch into a written diatribe about the English Fire and Rescue Services and their modes of operation that affect or not as the case may be, with regard to automatic fire alarm attendance,’ their ‘client base’. Because the quill has now become rather stumpy and the eyeshade has become semi opaque with time, I have decided to try and drop the grumpy approach and seek out good news fire stories from England FRS that I can write sitting down using a keyboard and varifocals.

Well, it’s taken some time but I’ve now found that good news story that I’ve been looking for! Yesterday morning I attended an event organised by the Prince’s Trust for the official launch of the Fire Industry Scheme. The Prince’s Trust helps young people in a variety of ways including the 12 week Team Programme. As part of the programme the participating young people go on work placements and this is of course where employers of all types come in as they can supply them, indeed if you’re interested then you can do no better than contact the Prince’s Trust Fire and Rescue Service National Liaison Officer George Martin, on 01282 456796 or  e-mail him at fireandrescue@princes-trust.org.uk

For me, being a Beatles fan, the name George Martin conjures up Abbey Road, Penny Lane and of course all of those holes in Blackburn, Lancashire. However, in these austere times for young people and for those of us in the fire world the other George Martin from the Prince’s Trust is in my opinion a real force of nature and he’s from Lancashire as well! His enthusiasm and passion for his work (vocation is probably a better term) is infectious and has certainly captured the attention of an old cynic like me and that’s no easy feat, indeed as West Han fan for over 50 years one has to be cynical to survive, although, that said, it’s been a good week for Irons supporters as well and even I’ve worn the claret and blue shirt in celebration!

George can’t do it all on his own and the support given to him by his employer, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, is evidence of the forward thinking nature of Fire and Rescue when it comes to young people. I’m sure there are other unsung people supporting George but he’s the one that I see, so I’m sorry if I’ve left anybody out! George, keep up the good work, keep continuing to communicate the enthusiasm and passion – there are young people depending upon it!

George isn’t perfect of course, as nobody is; he has a passion for claret and blue football but it’s for Burnley…

Now back to normal service, where’s the quill pen and eyeshade?!