12 June 2014 by Becky Reid,

The Chartered Institute of Marketing has just unveiled its new campaign to encourage marketers everywhere to Keep Social Honest.
Keep Social Honest

The CIM recently did a survey with both marketers and consumers on what practices we think are acceptable on social media. The results were somewhat shocking; what marketers think is okay, consumers do not.
1 in 5 consumers have seen brands behaving unethically online. Nearly half of consumers questioned threatened to boycott businesses that manipulate social media. As marketers we have a responsibility to make sure we behave ethically across all social media platforms; if we don’t we will alienate consumers and we will run the risk of increased legislation.
The CIM has published a report with the full details from the survey. It’s well worth a read>>
And they have published the 10 Commandments of Social Media:
•    Define and capture the right policies for your organisation
•    Appoint and empower a champion and ambassadors
•    Embed social media policies internally
•    Share your social media position publicly (and proudly)
•    Adopt social media compliance as a professional development priority
•    Involve your employees in social media, but put signposts in place
•    Commit agency partners to shared ‘good behaviours’
•    Take an active role in the debate
•    Revisit your policies and standards (at least) annually
•    Commit to ‘no go’ practices
Read the detail of all these and more at the campaign website www.keepsocialhonest.com. Spread the word – we need to #keepsocialhonest