09 October 2012 by Guest Blogger,

While I was trawling through websites trying to get my head around the vast amount of legislation on waste which all organisations are forced to deal with, I found a handy tool by the Waste & Resource Action Programme

The Waste & Resource Action Programme (aka WRAP) started in 2000 to help the UK increase rates of recycling and improve our resource management.  They’ve worked with a variety of sectors on multiple projects, for example, working with the retail industry to reduce plastic bag use.

The good news is, they get involved with lots of different organisations and are concerned with a variety of waste streams.

WRAP logo

This means that they've developed some flexible tools such as the Waste Hierarchy Tool.  This is designed to help organisations meet their legal obligations under the Waste Management Regulations (2011).

A report is available, specific to your company size and types of waste produced, with case studies to give you some ideas.