18 November 2013 by Guest Blogger,

Last week, at the FIA Environmental Working Group, Wilhelm Pfleger from Intertek visited from Germany to give an interesting presentation on RoHS, REACH, Green Passports (for military installations) and the Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP) Regulations.

The talk was really useful for FIA member companies, particularly those involved in manufacture and importation of fire detection and alarm system components as it explained much of the relevant legislation on the content of products and how the legislation applies to the fire industry.  They asked us to consider issues such as discussing product ingredients with your suppliers; considering the requirements for batteries used in our products; and how conflict minerals may be entering the supply chain.

Intertek also showed us how they are able to assist companies through their Hazardous Substance Management System service which helps you through four simple stages to ensure a holistic approach to managing your legal requirements.

The slides from the presentation will be made available on the members section of the FIA website.

If you require any further information on the topic, Morten Pedersen is the UK contact for Intertek Life Safety & Security who can be contacted as follows:

-       +44 1372 370900 (office)

-       +44 7900 938126 (mobile)

-       morten.pedersen@intertek.com

We have plans to invite more presenters in in the future to give us insight into areas where the industry can up its game in managing our environmental obligations.  We will let interested members know what gets booked in via midweek messages.