12 December 2010 by Guest Blogger,

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A survey has recently found that only 17% of employers are aware of the Green Deal.  The Green Deal is a government run/funded scheme that lends households and businesses the money to make energy saving improvements to their property.

An Edie.net article showed that it’s even more shocking when looking at the public in general, and that 96% aren’t aware of it.

Being a very ‘green’ minded person who goes out of their way to behave more sustainably, I’m always surprised when I hear that other people don’t, even when it’s made simple and beneficial to do it.  Obviously, in this case, the take up might be huge if the government would just let people know about it!

So here’s my bit to help spread the word.  FIA members, businesses and individuals listen up!

With this deal, you can get a loan to implement energy saving measures in your building (whether you own or rent your premises).  You then reap the rewards of reducing the costs of your energy bills.  Measures may include installing renewable energy sources (such as solar panels or wind turbines) and insulation or double glazing.

If you need to, discuss your options with your landlord.   If you own the building, you can book an assessment (with an approved Green Deal assessor) to see what improvements might work for you.  N.B. some companies do charge for this initial assessment.

If you decide to proceed, your repayments will be added to your electricity bill.

If any businesses do go through the process, I’d love to hear how you get on!