21 January 2014 by Becky Reid,

I attended a very interesting seminar last week on integrating (that word again) marketing emails with databases for better marketing returns and customer service. To be more precise it was on using the dotMailer email service platform and Microsoft Dynamics – two platforms I have been busy connecting and integrating over the past few months.

Whether you use these platforms or not you may find some of my take aways from the day useful, insightful and inspiring…


Did you know?

34% of email users access their emails via mobile

So you should make sure your emails are mobile responsive! And not just your emails…make sure the relevant landing pages (whether on your main website or on a dedicated microsite) are also mobile responsive. Think your way through the whole process and make sure it meets the mobile customer’s needs.

The average value of an email address is £9.11

More than you might expect (it certainly was for me) so appreciate that value when a customer gives you their address. And use it with respect. And don’t forget that figure can help you calculate ROI on your email activity if you are focusing on gathering leads (a good email address is a lead after all).

61% of customers feel better about a company that sends them customised content and are more likely to buy from that company

Connecting your database/CRM and email systems will allow you to personalise beyond ‘Dear {first name}’. It will allow you to include dynamic content (as it’s known in dotMailer terms), which is when one email can reveal different content depending on how you have segmented your customers (e.g. by geographic location, interests or purchases).

Those three facts alone reinforced my belief that marketers should be focusing on integrating marketing systems to provide a tailored and relevant experience to each customer.

Oh and if you are looking for an email service provider I can recommend dotMailer and also Microsoft Dynamics as a CRM system that integrates with it.